Do you make masks that go around the ears?


Revelle masks are now made in 3 different options:

1. Masks with head straps

2. Masks with Adjustable elastic earloops

3. Masks with overhead elastic


When we were designing our masks, we tested dozens of options.

We initially chose to create masks with strings that tie behind your neck. 

There are 4 reasons why we use strings in our masks:

1. Irritation Behind Ears

We received complaints from nurses and other front-line workers that masks with loops around the ears cause irritation behind the ears. Revelle masks use a soft stripe that loops around the head, and ties at the back of the neck. No need to put stress behind the ears with the Revelle mask.

2. Glasses & Hearing Aids

Masks that loop around the ears are hard to wear with glasses and hearing aids. So we intentionally created a mask that has only 1 tie, behind the neck. Our customers wrote to us that its easy to wear glasses and hearing aids with the Revelle mask.

3. Precise Fit

With this design you can more easily control how the mask fits on the face. You can make it tighter or looser, its up to you. Your skin will also appreciate the soft organic cotton layer of the Revelle mask. 

4. Speaking Freely

We believe that wearing a mask should allow you to speak freely with others. But, with many masks on the market - speaking is really difficult while wearing a mask. Many other masks are designed to sit 'flat' on the face, so as soon as you start speaking, the mask will begin sliding down the face or irritate your skin.

With the Revelle mask - you have extra space around the mouth - which makes it easy and natural to speak while wearing the mask.