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Do your masks have a wire in the nose area?

We have found that using wires on masks that are to be washed many times could be dangerous as the wire can poke through the fabric and cause injury.  Revelle masks do not have a wire to make them durable and safe. The binding trim on top of Revelle masks and the shape of our masks give it a nice secure fit. 

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Do the strings come out? Can I replace them with an elastic?

Yes. (Note: as of October 2020, all Revelle masks are available in 3 options: overhead straps, overhead elastic, and adjustable ear loops. You may select yours on any mask page) If you have purchased a mask with "overhead strings", you may replace the strings with an elastic.  The tie is a long string that can be pulled out. On one side of the mask we have an elastic corner which is sewn with a little thread. To take out the string, gently cut the thread with little scissors. Once you remove the thread, the string will come out easily. Once the string is out, you may insert the elastic loops.  You can order a simple Elastic Mask Conversion Kit.

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