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How do masks tie? Do you use elastic or another material?

Revelle masks come in 3 options: Overhead strap Overhead elastic Adjustable ear loops You may buy your favourite when you view our mask designs.   Overhead Strap The "overhead strap" masks are made with one string that loops around the head, and ties behind the neck.  One side of the mask includes an elastic corner, which makes the tying more comfortable.   Here are the steps on how to tie the mask: Our masks don't involve the ears at all and have no elastic in the string. We've designed our masks without "ear loops" intentionally, so you can wear them for prolonged periods without irritating your ears, nose and lips. Many of our customers reported that they appreciate the string loop because it doesn't create discomfort behind the ears. If...

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Do the packs of 5 masks contain solid colors?

Revelle masks come in 3 options: 1. Organic Natural Masks  The pack of Organic Natural masks contains a mix of solid colours and pattern designs. We typically include at least 2 solid colours in the pack. 2. Style Savvy Masks  The pack of Style Savvy masks contain 5 masks in different pattern prints. 3. Classic Colours Masks  The pack of Classic Colours masks contain 5 masks in different solid colours.  

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Why should I wear a mask? Who is this mask intended for?

Our masks may be used by anyone.  Our re-usable, washable masks are an alternative to medical grade PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) for use by individuals seeking added protection. These fabric masks are non-medical grade and effectively reduce the consumption of medical masks, which are in great demand for hospitals and healthcare workers. By utilizing a fabric mask, you are doing your part in relieving pressure on the current short supply of PPE required for the medical community.

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