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Why do these masks cost that much?

We spent a lot of time deciding how to price our products.  It is always a question of quality.  Initially, we wanted to use low-cost fabric, so we can produce the masks at the lowest possible price.  However, after further research, we decided not to compromise on quality and use 3 layers of natural fabric. Our masks are made with 100% premium cotton. The inner layer is made from Organic Cotton for maximum comfort on the skin. Because our masks are made from quality materials - they are very durable and washable. And of course, we handcraft the masks locally, in Toronto, Canada - keeping our team employed. This naturally makes our product more costly to produce, than those imported from overseas. For...

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These masks are so easy to make! Why are yours so pricey?

There are different ways to make masks, - easy ways and more elaborate ways. Our team put effort into testing over a dozen different mask designs. Our decision was to create a mask without compromise for quality, comfort, durability and style. We use only premium quality cotton, including an Organic Cotton layer for maximum comfort on the skin. Over the last few weeks we provided thousands of masks for individuals, families and volunteers in non-profits. Many 5-star reviews were written by people who discovered the comfort of wearing Revelle masks after trying other masks.

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