About Mask Boutique

Mask Boutique is an online shop offering crafted masks made by Revelle Home Fashions - a company that has been producing top quality cotton products for over 40 years in Toronto, Canada. 

It is a fact that the whole world is looking for a safe passage through this pandemic. Masks play an important role in keeping the wearers and those around them safe from airborne droplets that may carry this harmful virus.

Revelle is dedicated and committed to producing a well-designed, Canadian-made cloth mask that combines safety, comfort, and attractive appearance while minimizing the dangers in our environment.

With 40 years of experience in working with cotton materials, Revelle has a history of producing functional and pleasing products that show the highest level of proud Canadian workmanship.

Revelle has always been known for their special care and attention to detail in the superior design and manufacturing of their products. That same quality and design has made Revelle masks sought after by professionals and all people who look for quality that they can trust in re-usable fabric masks.