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Elastic Kit for Mask Conversion

Elastic Kit for Mask Conversion

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Over 10,000 people love Revelle's masks because they have a string that goes around the head (without bothering ears).

However, on some occasions, you may want a mask that can be taken on and off quickly, and elastic may be more convenient.

Due to requests from several customers who want to have some masks with ear loops, we have created an Elastic Conversion kit. 

This pack contains elastic pieces to convert 5 masks into ear loop masks

The pack comes with simple instructions on how to switch a mask from strings to elastic. 

With this pack you will be able to convert some of your masks with elastics, and keep some masks with strings. 

Not All Masks Are Created Equal

There is a reason why thousands of people are loving Revelle`s masks.

mask with inner filter pocket

Organic Inner Pocket

Elastic Corner

flexible mask corner
3 layer cotton mask

3 Layers of 100% Cotton

Made in Canada

made in canada face mask

Frequent Questions

What is the difference between a Regular / Adult size mask and a Small size mask?

Revelle masks are available in Regular / Adult size and Small size.

Both sizes are designed with extra space to fit with comfort on the face.

Regular / Adult size mask dimensions:

  • Width: 5.25" (13.5cm) when folded in half
  • Height: 6.75" (17cm)

Small size mask dimensions:

  • Width: 4.5" (11cm) when folded in half
  • Height: 5.5" (14cm) 

Children and adults with petite features prefer the fit of a small mask.

Please keep in mind that because these masks are hand crafted, they might vary in size slightly. Because the masks are made from 100% cotton, after the first wash they might shrink by about 4%. 

Where are you shipping from?

We are shipping daily from our factory in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Orders are picked up daily by Canada Post. 

If you order early, we might be able to ship the same or next business day.


Why do these masks cost that much?

We spent a lot of time deciding how to price our products. 

It is always a question of quality. 

Initially, we wanted to use low-cost fabric, so we can produce the masks at the lowest possible price. 

However, after further research, we decided not to compromise on quality and use 3 layers of natural fabric.

Our masks are made with 100% premium cotton.

The inner layer is made from Organic Cotton for maximum comfort on the skin.

Because our masks are made from quality materials - they are very durable and washable.

And of course, we handcraft the masks locally, in Toronto, Canada - keeping our team employed. This naturally makes our product more costly to produce, than those imported from overseas.

For $18.50 or less, you get a quality product, made locally.

Thank you for supporting a local company! :)

Why do you heat the masks to 300°F/150°C?

To sanitize and purify the mask, we slowly pass the finished masks through a very hot conveyer oven.

We do this for your safety before they are delivered to you. 

This is the final step we take prior to wrapping your order for shipment.

When will I receive my order?

Shipping Times

We process and ship orders Monday through Friday, within 1 to 2 business days of receiving your order. 

All orders are shipped from our Toronto factory, using Canada Post or Fedex. 

Typically, if you place your order Monday to Friday before 12pm EST - it will be shipped the same or next business day.

Once your order is picked up by the shipping company, you will receive an email with a  tracking number to track your order delivery. 

Delivery Times

You may select from several shipping options when you place your order.

Canada Post delivery times are 1-8 days. 

Fedex delivery times are 1-3 days.

Please keep in mind that shipping companies are experiencing higher than normal volumes, and on some days delivery is delayed. 

For quicker delivery, please select Fedex when you are placing your order.

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